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'''MediaWiki er nu installeret.'''<div id="mainpage">{| width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"| colspan="2" |
Se <!-- Welcome --><div id="mainpage-welcome" class="mainpage-top">== Welcome to Intactiwiki. ==<div class="content" align="left">'''Intactiwiki''' is your information platform about the topics [[//meta.wikimediaMGM]] + [[FGM]].org</wikidiv></Help:Contents brugervejledningen] for oplysninger om brugen af wikiprogrammellet.div>
|-| width="50%" style="vertical-align:top;" |<!-- General --><div id="mainpage-general" class="mainpage-left">== General ==<div class= At komme i gang "content" id="mf-tfa" title="General">* In the future, we will also provide all available information about [//www[Intactivists]] all over the world.mediawiki We hope to get more content</wikidiv></Manualdiv> | width="50%" style="vertical-align:Configuration_settings Listen over opsætningsmulighedertop;" | <!--- PLEASE TRANSLATE THIS PAGE TO DANISH!!! ---><!-- Newest Articles --><div id="mainpage-newestArticles" class="mainpage-right">== Newest Articles ==<div class="content" id="mf-itn" title="Newest Articles">Since April 2014, [[Speciel:Statistik|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]&nbsp;articles in Dansk have been created.* [{{Speciel:Nyeste_sider/-/www.mediawiki.org3}}</wikidiv> |-| colspan="2" | |} </Manualdiv> ---- ''(Write access has to be requested and granted by our admins or mods.)'' __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__ [[de:FAQ MediaWiki ofte stillede spørgsmålHauptseite]]* [https[en:// Postliste angående udgivelser af MediaWikiMain Page]][[he:עמוד ראשי]]

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