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Mikael Aktor

Mikael Aktor (* June 12, 1949), is a Jewish intactivist from Denmark, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Southern Denmark, Department of History, Study of Religions in Odense, and vice chairman of Intact Denmark.

He spoke at the WWDOGA 2017 and 2018 in Cologne, Germany.

One day after the WWDOGA 2017, he held a speech about "Jewish Voices in the Danish Debate on MGM and the Danish Legal Situation" on the Symposium "Jungenbeschneidung in Deutschland - Eine Bestandsaufnahme" (Circumcision on boys in Germany - an inventory) in Düsseldorf.

The head of The Jewish Society in Denmark, Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, urged Aktor to read a statement of Rosenberg Asmussen which informs the auditorium of the Scientific Symposium, that Aktor does not speak on behalf of all Danish Jews. Aktor did so but also stated that he had never claimed to speak for all Danish Jews. The host of the Symposium, German University professor Matthias Franz, later informed the auditorium, that Rosenberg Asmussen had also asked him to publish the statement which he refused to do, saying that science will never follow advices from religion.


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